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Best countries to retire or relocate

Best countries to retire abroad

Asia, Europe and Oceania are among the top regions in the world to retire or relocate to.  

Popular countries to retire in Europe include Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Greece. Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are highly popular retirement destinations in Asia.

Property cost

In some popular retirement countries housing is very affordable.

Monthly rentals can be cheap and buying property may also be very attractive.

Some countries allow foreigners to buy property, however they may not allow full foreign ownership and no ownership of land.   

Finding a property

Property sites in English usually advertise more upmarket properties as well properties with higher agency commission. Often a local agent can help to find cheaper housing.

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Health care and Health insurance

Private health insurance may be compulsory and can be very costly.


Some countries are offering a dedicated “Retirement Visa”.

Applicants may prove that they have a certain age, a minimum amount of savings and a minimum level of income per month.

Working is usually not allowed when being on a retirement visa. With many people working longer while already achieving retirement age in certain countries, this may not be an option for many.