Independent Living and Community Alarm Service for Older people

Independent Living

Most older people prefer to stay in their own home. There are several support services available to help people with smaller tasks or just to feel secure. These services are either privately run or offer by the government.


Community Alarm Service


Many councils in the UK provide community alarm services to support independent living at home.

The community alarm service is a 24 hours day telephone-based alarm system. It is usually available  that is provided 24 hours day for every day of the year. This system is aimed at providing help, support and security to vulnerable residents.

There is usually a small charge for it.

The person wears a pendant with a button. If the button is pressed, a signal is sent through the telephone to a regional control centre.

An operator at the control centre will respond. There is usually no need to lift the phone. The operator would ask the person what help they need. The call centre operator will then contact the emergency services, next of kin or our staff if required.

There are usually two options.

Option One:

Alarm system monitoring only

Option Two:

Alarm system monitoring and
Emergency response from staff

The service is fee based and is around 5£ per week for Option One and 10£ per week for Option Two.