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How to find a good tradesperson

How to find the right tradesperson

Finding the right tradespeople can be quite challenging.

Most consumers do not know what kind of qualifications and accreditations a tradesperson should have.

In the UK there is a ‘competent person scheme’, which offers installers to self certify certain types of building work.

Otherwise the installer would be required to get building regulations approval.


A person must have a minimum level of training and qualifications in order to be accredited. In order to be registered with a competent person scheme, installers need to demonstrate that they meet the relevant minimum technical competence requirements in their field. 

This is usually a Level 3 NVQ, Diploma or IVQ or equivalent.

There are several Awarding Organisations througout the UK. Each qualification usually has their dedicated qualification number assigned.

Accreditations and competent person schemes

There are competent person scheme for the following types of building work.

Air pressure testing of buildings

Cavity and solid wall insulation in an existing building

Combustion appliances

Electrical installations

Heating and hot water systems

Mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Plumbing and water supply systems

Replacement windows, doors, roof windows or rooflights

How to check, if the person is qualified

The organisations who run the scheme usually have a search facility on their website to check, if an installer is certified with them.

How to check, if a tradesperson is good.

Word of mouth is probably one of the most reliable ways to find out if they provide good service.

There are also several review sites on the internet.