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Pruning a cherry tree

Pruning a cherry tree

Pruning any fruit tree is extremely important.  This applies of course to cherry trees as well.

One of the main reasons for pruning and trimming a tree is to ensure access to sunlight.

Pruning a tree helps to improve and increase fruit quality and quantity.

Best time for pruning a cherry tree

The ideal time to prune the cherry tree is during the dormant period.

The dormant period is in winter. This is the best time to cut large branches. Large cherry trees should be pruned in winter.

Young cherry trees can be pruned in early spring.

The ideal form for a cherry tree is that of    

Feeding and mulching of cherry trees

In late winter cherry trees should be feed with a high potassium fertiliser.

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Questions that you should ask yourself before even starting gardening

How much time do you have available. Underestimate your time so for example if you think you may have 2-3 hours per day, put down 1 -2.  

How big is your garden or plot?

What kind of gardener do you want to be?

Do you want to be a perfect gardener – do you want to garden to win some prices or to show off your garden?

Do you want to plant vegetables, fruits or flowers?

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