Private Club Memberships during the Pandemic

How should Private Clubs treat their Members during the Pandemic?

Private Clubs treated their members very differently during Covid-19, when members could not benefit from their subscription for a good part of the year 2020 and into 2021.

Membership fees vary significantly, ranging from several hundreds or even thousand pounds per year.

Some reputable clubs offered their members some or all of these benefits.

Freeze Membership subscriptions

Refund Membership for times not being able to use club facilities

Offer some other benefit to Club Members

Some clubs sadly feel that during these hard times it is of particular importance to collect membership subscription.

In 2020 members could not enjoy any club benefits for most of lockdowns.

Some clubs did not even offer any online activities.

Even Club journals may have been put on hold. If members cannot go to their club, it is even more important for club management to keep in touch with members and show them in one way or another that they are there for them.

This applies in particular to Clubs where members may be older and in particular where they live alone or with very little social contact.

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